Giving back has always been a part of our mission. In fact, we’ve never turned away a single athlete for lack of ability to pay. Our goal is to offer help to any student-athlete in need to receive the recruiting education and support necessary to play the sport they love in college. The following awards and programs help us stay true to our mission every day.


Sports don’t build character. They reveal it.
— John Wooden


The NCSA I Will Award™ recognizes and assists those athletes who understand their talent is a gift but character is a choice. This is for those who didn’t seek attention but earned our respect by demonstrating a remarkable sense of sportsmanship, leadership, and or compassion for others.



A student-athlete or team that demonstrates remarkable sportsmanship, compassion, leadership, or community service. Must be recommended by a coach, AD, school official, or NCSA Teammate.

The NCSA I Will Award will be given out every month. Each recipient will receive National NCSA Network Recognition, and a small, non-monetary prize will be awarded.

In December, an MVP Membership will be awarded to the top three recipients chosen in an online poll.

Winners will be notified by (phone/email) once their application has been reviewed.


For more information or to make a recommendation, contact NCSA:


A Seat at the Table

One is too many when it comes to bright and talented student-athletes that never find a way onto a college campus. Often times, it’s not due to a lack of will, desire, or effort.

Part of our give-back mission is making sure deserving student-athletes who qualify for the National Student Lunch Program (NSLP) always have a seat at the table when it comes to college recruiting.



Any student-athlete that qualifies for the National Student Lunch Program (NSLP) with verification from their high school and meets standard NCSA academic and athletic qualifications.

They must also demonstrate a strong desire to play collegiate athletics, and commitment to leveraging their athletic talent to improve their life

Qualified student-athletes will receive a 50% discount on NCSA service fees.


For more information contact NCSA:


Military Veteran Assistance

The NCAA and NAIA both recognize the sacrifice that veterans make and have created special exceptions to its eligibility rules. Finding an opportunity to play college sports as a veteran and the chance to receive a scholarship are still possible.

We’re going to make sure veterans having a fighting chance to get recruited.



Veterans just need to simply provide verification of their military service and special eligibility status.

The must also meet the standard NCSA academic and athletic qualifications and demonstrate a strong desire to play collegiate athletics, and commitment to leverage their athletic talent to improve their life.

Every qualified veteran will receive complimentary access to an MVP Membership so they have optimal support and guidance throughout their recruiting journey.

Additional Military Assistance

 A 10% discount on all NCSA services is available to any student-athlete with immediate family currently serving in the military.


For more information contact NCSA:


Sports Equipment Donations

We’re proud to partner with The Sports Shed, a non-profit dedicated to empowering student-athletes at under-resourced and in at-risk situations to participate in organized sports. We believe in the good athletics do for youth. Students who play sports are more successful in school and in staying off the streets, away from gangs, drugs and violence. For many kids right here in Chicago, their opportunities are minimal.

They dream just to play, but their families and schools are struggling to provide adequate equipment for them to compete successfully. The Sports Shed is focused solely on making it possible for thousands of kids in at-risk situations to participate in organized sports. They work directly with several under-resourced schools and athletic programs to provide the quality sports equipment they so desperately need.


You can drop off all quality sports gear at NCSA and we’ll help The Sports Shed distribute it to those in need:
NCSA Next College Student Athlete
1333 N Kingsbury St
Chicago, IL 60642


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