NCSA Helps Young Student-Athletes Better Lives

A message from the president

At NCSA we help student-athletes improve their lives by leveraging the transformative power of sport. Our student-athletes aren’t the only ones. Many of our team members have enhanced our own lives during our time with NCSA, and are different, better people than when we were hired. As an organization and as individuals, we have grown through doing good. NCSA’s Give Back Committee is a prime example. Of all the success I’ve seen throughout the years, there is no initiative that more clearly has the ability to change multiple lives in one fell swoop.

Years ago I launched the Give Back committee with a pretty simple mission. We wanted to give more free memberships to deserving student-athletes, yet we had no application process, no solid selection criteria, and no great way of awarding memberships. So I assembled a group of teammates, we put together some processes, and the first committee was born. Initially, I thought we’d achieved success when we had an application form kids could fill out, a scoring system, and a group of people volunteering to help onboard our recipients. Little did I know that the true success was far more profound.

The new application included two essay questions, and committee members had the responsibility of reading those essays and presenting top candidates to the group in our weekly meeting. We heard stories of kids who were homeless; kids who were raising their siblings; kids who would be the first in their family to get a formal education. We cried along with the young girl who had suffered domestic abuse and took her aggression out on the soccer field; the boy who lost his parents at a young age; the kids who took on after school jobs so they could continue to pay to play their sport after mom and dad lost their jobs. Our accountant, engineer, office assistant, and others who did not normally interact directly with families on a daily basis suddenly had extreme visibility into the lives of our student-athletes, and most importantly, a platform to help.

Our Give Back efforts have grown along with the company, and today its reach extends even further. In 2015 NCSA awarded over 1,400 completely subsidized memberships to deserving student-athletes. In the last 60 days alone NCSA teammates have outfitted underserved youth sports teams with used equipment, helped restore a local soccer field, and more.  I’m proud to say the Give Back committee is still a thriving part of our culture which contributes to life changing moments for our student-athletes and staff members alike.